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22 December 2011

BBA New Event Specialization

Starting in 2012, Les Roches will offer a new specialization in Event Management for BBA.

In response to the growing need for event management specialists in the hospitality industry, Les Roches International School of Hotel Management is opening a new specialization track. Starting in 2012, students can choose to earn the Bachelor of Business Administration in International Hotel Management with a specialization in Event Management. This degree track will allow students to master the art of planning, budgeting, and overseeing conferences, incentive trips, meetings, sports events, festivals and event facilities.

Through the balanced curriculum of the Les Roches’ BBA, students build a firm base of knowledge about hospitality operations that are particularly relevant to events including food & beverage service, catering, rooms division operations, reception duties and cost management in operations. The attention to detail that students gain through the craft-based learning, and further management theory courses, can then be sharpened to concentrate on events in three major specialization courses during the final year of the program: Corporate Events and Hospitality, Event Operations and Project Management, and Events Marketing and Public Relations. 

Overall, Les Roches is pleased to offer this new specialization which students are sure to find enriching and exciting as they prepare to fill the growing number of management roles that are directly related to events in the hospitality, corporate business and tourism sectors.

Event Management
Event management is a fast-growing sector of employment in hotels & resorts, tourism, sports, and entertainment venues. In this specialization track, you’ll become an event specialist with a mastery of the management skills and professional attitudes relevant to event planning in operations including food service, facilities, transportation, logistics, promotion, and human resources.   The core courses for this specialization build upon traditional hospitality management skills adding deeper knowledge of event-specific topics: Corporate Events and Hospitality, Event Operations and Project Management, and Events Marketing and Public Relations.